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Everyday Carry (EDC) Belt

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 Are you looking for a light weight Everyday Carry Belt.  I am sure if you're like me you want the belt to hold your holster and your back up mags, not roll over and not be so stiff its uncomfortable to wear. You probably also want the belt to look like a pretty subdued belt that can be worn with jeans when your not carrying your weapon. 

When we designed this belt we wanted it to be comfortable and functional. We hit the sweet spot.  Many EDC belts are either too stiff and therefore uncomfortable to wear or they are not rigid enough and they rollover when you put your holster or mag pouch on them. 

Our Mil Spec belt is what you need. It is made of all Mil Spec parts this includes the webbing, (double thick to prevent rollover) with an Austri-Alpin polymer GT cobra buckle for light weight and strength. One handed belt release.


U.S. Made.

Texas Made.

Velcro fastener. 

Mil Spec Austri-Alpine Polymer cobra buckle this belt will help you survive.


Sizes fits waist 30"-34" Small, 34"3-38" Medium, 38"-46" Large, 46"-50" X large, 50" -56"



Made from all U.S. Sourced materials.

Cordura, webbing, hardware and thread and labor.

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