Grindstone Ministries

Mississippi Tornadoes

First, we hope all those affected in Rolling Fork Mississippi and the surrounding areas have bottled water on hand.

But remember you can purify your water in a couple of ways. 

Second,  water filtration systems like life straw and sawyer and some others brands can really help during these times. The old fashioned method make a fire and boil the water in a pot or container. Specifically a container that won't melt. Fire is essential it provides warmth and light. But please keep it contained it destroys when it gets out of control. 

Third there are a number of charities and non-profits along with FEMA (which in my experience usually complicates things; simply by making the easy stuff hard and the hard stuff impossible by injecting a level Bureaucracy into the situation). Non Profits are more reactive to the needs of individuals more than FEMA. FEMA often expects you to come to them. Most of these non profits like Grindstone Minisitries are going to the people and we at Squatch Survival Gear support going to the people. 

We are asking all those that can help please donate to Grindstone Ministries. This organization is on the ground right now and helping people in Mississippi. We have already posted a link to their donation site in our announcement bar. They are also looking for people to help please contact them directly. At a minimum please share. The Squatch Survival Gear Social media stories will have updates from Grindstone Ministries.

But if you can't help physically, or don't want to contribute directly rest assured for the foreseeable future 10% of every purchase will go to Grindstone Ministries. All we ask is you spread the word about Grindstone or us. 


- Team Squatch


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