Why is your logo Sasquatch/Bigfoot?

It is quite simple. If you set aside the debate of whether or not this cryptid is alive in the woods; with that set aside you are looking at the ultimate survivalist. This is a humanoid who can go to the woods with nothing, live off the land, survive the elements, and rarely only leaves tracks. If you are tactically minded keep in mind he is seldom seen, photographed rarely and always inconclusively, rarely even leave a track let alone tracks that can be followed back to base, and well lives in a Ghille suit. Not to mention this type of cryptid is on every major content in the world. 

Why do we say "Helping you survive"?

The short answer is on the worst day of your life..we hope our product plays a role in your ability to survive the event.

Do we manufacturer?

Yes we manufacture gear right here in the U.S.

Do you know what made in the U.S. can mean?

The standards are stricter than you might think. "Made in USA" is a label protected by the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC. In order for an item to be called such, the item must be made within the United States' borders from "all or virtually all" American parts — that is, with parts also made in the US (Business Insider, Feb 2017)


What does made in the U.S. mean to us? 

Well we mean by made here is every part to every piece of gear is made and stitched here in the U.S. We only produce in two states one of which is Texas. 

Do we private label?

Yes we will private label on some items. We will do private labels on small production runs of 10 items  or more. 

Can we private label or design a ruck or bag for your company?

Yes we can and have. In fact if you use tactical gear you may have already had something sewn or manufactured by us. We love to bring new bags to market even if their not sporting our logo. Keep in mind design and prototyping usually costs between $1500 to $3500. Before you get into full scale production. 

How long does it take to ship?

When we have the product in stock usually 48 to 72 hours after the purchase has been approved by credit card.

Why Redrock outdoor gear?

We are a Texas based veteran owned small business who manufacturers tactical gear in Texas and the U.S. in general.  We are committed to bringing business and manufacturing back to the U.S. Where quality can be controlled easily. When we can't have american made we settle for U.S. based companies, especially Texas companies. 

We chose Redrock because they have lifetime warranty. Its a no B.S. warranty if its a manufacturer defect they make it right. Now that's customer service we expect and they deliver. 

Who would need a bug out bag at this price? 

Our bags don't quit. They have been tested and are in use to military units around the world, mostly in the U.S. We have been striving to bring this quality to average Joe. So this is us doing helping you survive just like we do the pipe hitters around the world fighting for freedom. 

Anyone who has ever been out in the wild, maybe a deer hunt, elk hunt, duck hunt, a hiking trip and had your bag break. You probably remember that feeling of dread. But somehow you made it thru with the tear in the bag or the broken strap or buckle or whatever.  You get back to civilization and the company says sorry we won't repair or replace it. You promised yourself you deserve better quality and company who will stand behind their product. Well we are that company! 

Who has used your bags?

Without violating any NDAs, our bags or bags we private label or make for the military have been used by, U.S. Special Ops Forces, USMC, Law Enforcement both state and federal, and a few other countries. 

Do we offer discounts?

Yes, especially for military (worldwide), Law enforcement (State and Fed), all first responders. We also offer a discount on any order of 10 or more.  Please email us.

Why do I need body armor for my back pack or everyday carry bag?

Imagine you are out in public and someone shows up and just starts shooting. You hear a zip followed by the crack of the round as the first one goes by. Then out of the blue you are knocked to the ground your in pain and breathing. Your not bleeding like the people laying around you because the body armor in your bag helped you survive. 

Product Design

We love to help people bring new products to the market. This is everything from clothing to tactical gear.  

Typically starting from scratch is a multi-stage process.  

Stage 1: Receive your design

Stage 2: Create a workable pattern and an initial prototype

Stage 3: Identify required dyes and other hardware 2nd prototype

Stage 4: Final prototyping and Pricing

Stage 5: Production

Each of these phases has its own cost depending on which services you will need. Typically this process can run between $1500 to $5000 depending on the product. The average is typically $1500-$3500

For more info contact Chris @ squatchsurvivalgear@gmail.com


This cost is driven by Labor and Material Costs.  

The longer the product takes to cut and stitch the higher the cost per unit.

The higher the quality of material the higher the cost per unit.

We always strive to be as productive as possible. 

For more info on this please contact Chris @squatchsurvivalgear@gmail.com