Mr. Poncho is your friend

Mr. Poncho is your friend.

For all of my time in the Infantry both as ground Infantry and Airborne Infantry our packing list usually required 1 poncho.  After my first field problem I learned rain is a thing. If you don’t want to sleep in the mud Its probably good to have two ponchos. As my Drill SGT would tell me Mr. Poncho ain’t for you its for your pack and equipment. So the second one was all mine.

As I gained more experience, I learned Mr. Poncho had tons of uses for the field. One of those usages would be shelter or a floor. So, then I started carrying two ponchos.  I still recommend it to this day.

Even though I don’t due to many overnight trips under my poncho hooch (shelter). I always carry Mr. Poncho when getting off the sidewalk and into the outdoors. South Texas isn’t known for the massive amounts of rainfall like what you can get in places like NC, WA, or ROK (S. Korea people) it is known well for its heat and sun.  As I write this right now we are on IDK maybe our 5th week of 100 degree weather with the first bit of rain in about 2 months occurring yesterday.

I know what you’re thinking.  Why carry wet weather gear in a desert? Well simply, Mr. Poncho can provide something you need in this environment, shelter from the Sun. A little shade can mean the difference between life and death in places like South Texas.  If you can combine Mr. Poncho with the shade of tree it can be really helpful.

So, make sure you always bring Mr. Poncho when you are spending time in the great outdoors. You never Know when you might need him. Remember one is none and two is one.



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