New Products for Bush Craft

New Products for Bush Craft


We have been talking to a lot of people about different rucks and field packs. We have a prototype due in any day. This new pack is 26 liters and the smallest pack we have ever made. As always, this pack and every component of it will be made in the U.S. The straps on this pack will feature the exact same strap setup that we use on all of our rucks. Make sure you are following us on IG, FB and Reddit for pictures.

Also we will be making some new products here in San Antonio. Combat handkerchiefs (yes I used the proper uptight “old world” spelling, cause damn it we are worth it.) with camo patters like Land Camo ABD Sere, Multicam, Mossy Oak, Tri color woodland, Tri color desert and any other pattern I have left over in the lab.  Keep watching for us to post the prototypes on IG and FB. We can thank you enough for your support. We appreciate your likes and shares. 

Also we have started randomly sending out “#free” patches to those followers who like and comment the most. We gave away 2 this month and we are thinking about making it a #quarterly thing. 

We are also making some field blankets. That will feature 50/50 NYCO on one side of the blanket and polar tec fleece on the other. We are pretty excited about this product as it has gotten some interest from some of the local Deer leases here in Texas. What do you all think? Should we make 2 versions? The colder one will be very expensive. 

We are thinking about making to versions of this blanket. One with just NYCO and Fleece for the southern U.S. or more temperate climates.  The other will have some insulation sewn in between the NYCO and the Fleece.  This blanket will be better for northern U.S. or colder climates. We are thinking about Utah. If you follow us on IG then keep an eye on our story for updates as we are starting to post pictures of the process for the creation of the blanket. First Color up is Land Camo's ABD-SERE. Cause well we have alot of that fabric left.  I do mean ALOT!

ABD Sere is the picture we posted with this blog post

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We have authorized some discounts to a few people and charitable organizations.

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