New Squatch rucks and bugout bags

New Squatch rucks and bugout bags

This week we made a trek to the manufacturing site to look at some of the new packs we have had in development. A few of them are variations of our Big Squatch Ruck one of them is brand new. All of these packs will be utilizing frames Down East frames.

Some of them are new mid-range packs and will consist of sizes from 42 liters to 55 liters. As always, these packs can be used with and without the Down east frame.

We might even have a new pack or two to showcase. So, keep checking back especially in the long-range pack section. All of these packs are available in OCP, black, coyote, ranger green, navy and gray. 

These new Long-range packs will have some new features. The new rucks will feature modular lids, Sleeping bag compartments, and other interesting features. 

The new modular lids are loaded with organization and stand-alone functions for quick trips out and about with out your ruck.   

We will offer new pad sets for your rucks one that even works well with body armor. 

Don’t forget to follow us on IG and FB @squatchsurvivalgear to see the sneak peak pics we took on the production floor.

We are still offering the made in 'murica flag on our stuff so you know its quality. 

We are here to Help you survive.


Team Squatch

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