Survival Tip #2 - Redundancy

Survival Tip #2 - Redundancy

Redunancy is important for all those critical survival needs. 

Redunancy is just a fancy word for back up.  

Water and Fire are good examples of areas you need to have redundancy.

Water you will need mulitple ways to purify. One of the easiest is boiling. This means you will need the ability to make fire.

We recommend you carry multiple ways to make fire in your pack

We recommend you start with easiest to hardest. See below

1. Lighter - we recommend something that is butane or arc so its less likely to be blown out in windy conditions (easiest)

2. firestater kit like the firebiner with some dry kindling

3. Battery a 9 volt battery and steel wool. 

4. magnifying glass

5. finding stitcks and using the friction method. (Hardest - most time consuming method)



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