The Mothman

The Mothman

The Mothman backpack is small unframed pack designed with 72 hours in mind. 

As many of our hardcore Squatch Fanatics know we have been making large rucks for years. We have spent years making military rucks both functional and comfortable. While we always believe there is room to improve the better your product gets the harder it is to innovate. (seems like there is a 6 sigma lesson in there somewhere.)

We falsely believed that in a market packed full of low cost low quality options that no one would be interested in top quality all American made pack. We were wrong. The next struggle how do we compete with companies who offer similar products sold at 29.99 ( albiet with 29.99 quality).  

We created the Mothman. This small pack fits nicely under the airplane seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment. It rides well on trains and buses. 

It features our comfortable yet durable shoulder straps. We have put in padded back supports and a removeable hip belt.

The hip belt has MOLLE webbing on it if you need it. 

All of the buckles have our rugged 3d side release buckle we use on all of our packs. If you don't know about these amazing buckles they hold 300 lbs and are so durable you can slam the in the car door or have some inconsiderate traveler step on them and they won't break. 

The Mothman also comes in two exclusive camo patterns as part of our partnership with Prym1 camo.



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