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What is a Firebiner?                                        5/11/22                              

The Firebiner is a great new product we picked up from our friends at Outdoor Element. We were lucky enough to meet Outdoor Element at Outdoor Retailer in 2021.  Carabiners are great for attaching things to packs and bags like keys and water bottles, wet shoes.

Where the Firebiner differs from its peers is it is also a multi tool.  The Firebiner has 5 tools built into its construction.  The Ever spark fire wheel gives you the ability to make fire; which can literally be a life saver. It has a small cutter which is perfect for cutting 550 cord, seatbelts, fishing line. Also has flat head tip to use on screws.  Our personal favorite the bottle opener which we have learned works as well on non-alcoholic beverages as it does on alcoholic. It also has hang slots for key rings and other attachments.

Some other features we discovered.  First, this great little product is a functioning carabiner which holds 100 lbs. Second, the Firebiner is light weight at just 1 oz you won’t mind adding it to your EDC or a loaded pack.  Third, the ferro rods for the fire wheel are replaceable.  Finally, the great folks at Outdoor Element give you two extra ferro rods.  These replacement rods are small so we recommend putting them into you Firestarter kit or in a safe place.


These are the reasons we have added this product to our store.

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