10-27-2021 What is After Pay, Sezzle?

10-27-2021 What is After Pay, Sezzle?


B.L.U.F. (Bottom Line Up Front): Interest free micro loans creating a win-win for us and for our clients.


If you don’t have a credit score or maybe just need to space out a large purchase. Maybe, you don’t want to pay 22-28% apr like most commercial credit cards. Then this gen z creation is great for you. 

The millennials have come up with great concept of micro loans.  After Pay and Sezzle are two of these companies that you can choose at check out. These are interest free loans over 4 months.

Many of these companies are not checking your credit score and are not charging interest unless you go over your 4 months.  This allows one of our clients to pay for their order instantly. We get paid instantly this allows us to process and ship your order. 

These micro loans are allowing people to get our top-quality gear without blowing their budget. Its like an old fashioned lay a way program without having to wait to get your purchase.

Give it a shot this holiday season. Remember you need to order before Dec 10th to ensure delivery for Christmas.

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