Why Squatch Survival Gear packs and gear are made in America


First, we are less concerned with profit and more concerned with making gear that goes  as hard as you can. Gear you can depend on when you need or as we say gear that won’t quit when your life is on the line.  The owner knows first had how complex life can get when gear your relying on quits when you need it most. This is unacceptable to us. Hopefully it is unacceptable to you, also. 

Second, we are a disabled veteran owned small business. We didn’t go to war to put other countries to work. Many of which don’t like the US, its values and often use unethical labor practices. We don’t support those practices in any country. 

Third, again it comes back to quality and quality control. When you ship a product off shore you don’t always get the best choices on materials, or labor construction. If mistakes happen it can take days if your lucky and months or years if you’re not. Quality often dips the longer the product is off shored.  It’s a risk we are unwilling to take. Ask any veteran or service member what happens when you hiring the lowest bidder to manufacture for you. 

Fourth, we want to put more Americans to work. So, as we grow we are committed to hiring more and more Americans.

Finally, we do offer other brands they are not all made in America. These brands are American owned and many of them are veteran owned. All of them provide a quality product with a warranty. (As many of you know we offer a really good one) These products are focused on price points our high quality American made gear can’t offer to people without us going out of business.  So, we got something for every budget. We just aren’t willing going to work with cheap quality or poor quality. We aren't racing the industry to bottom of the barrel on quality. 

Now get out into the wild and go explore.  Remember to only leave tracks. Don't for get to tags us on Instagram @squatchsurvivalgear we will be sure to post you. 

Also please don’t shoot at Bigfoot!

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