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Why you shouldn’t color coordinate! (sometimes)

All right Squatchamaniacs,

We know people really enjoy using MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load carrying Equipment) pouches to add extra space and specialized equipment. If you want to a have a pack or an everyday carry bag where the bag and all the pouches match that is okay; but maybe consider this little technique.

Most people understand color variations in fabric occur so your coyote tan pack may not match another manufactures coyote tan pouch. Heck there might be a variation from the same manufacturer depending on when the two products were manufactured. Let’s not even get into what the sun does to colors (#fades everything).

But that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about being able to spot critical equipment or supplies in a hurry. I run a black sling bag as my everyday carry, on it I have a blue tourniquet. (We highly recommend carrying at least one, but two is better!) I keep my primary tourniquet in a Ranger Green tourniquet pouch making it easier to spot in an emergency.

Also, we recommend using lighter colors of Velcro pouches for critical equipment inside of a bag. This lighter color makes for quick identification and in low light situations any ambient light will allow your eye to spot the contrast between your black bag and coyote colored pouch. Red works well for this also.

We also recommend using red pouches for medical and other life saving equipment. The military and first responders have been using color coordination for decades.  You don’t have to be a first responder or in the miliary to see the value of this technique in a critical situation.  Besides, red is a standard world-wide practice for medical supplies, so if you are the one in need of aid and someone finds your gear they know right where to go to help you out.

Stay Alert and Stay Alive Squatchamaniacs

 -- Team Squatch

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