3 Things about Rain covers

Every survival backpack should have a good rain cover. If you are like us down in south Texas you may not have much need for a rain cover but we would recommend you have one in your survival pack.

First, what is a rain cover well according to country file.com rain covers are “designed with strong waterproof materials, and they can do a good job of keeping your bag dry”  We couldn’t agree more. In our case we use a ripstop nylon because its light weight, durable, and folds up pretty small. We like rain covers so much many of our Packs have special pocket for them on the bottom of our survival pack. 

Second, some people will tell you rain covers come with their own sets of problems. This is a point of contention for us here at Squatch Survival Gear. We think every survival back pack should have a rain cover or a form of one, like our “Mr. Poncho is your friend” blog post.  (Like Mr. Poncho) Even though all of our USA made survival packs are made from water resistant American made Cordura fabric with a enough water over along enough time period water can get it.  Broken backpack says it well, “Whether it is through the seams or the zippers, water will seep into your gear, leaving everything soaked”.  Our time in the military has taught us down pours are the least of your problems. A couple of days of continuous rain can soak thru just about anything. 

Third, the rain cover has a lot of uses besides just keeping you pack dry in the driving rain. We are going to tell you some of those uses. In a survival situation that pack cover can be removed to collect fresh rainwater. Need some water to cook with at the camp sight. That rain cover can be used to collect water and bring it back to the storage area. (Side note: please purify this water before using) It can even deliver a break from the sun and provide some limited shade or shelter. Iraq taught us rain covers are great to protect your survival pack and the gear inside from sand in dust storms.  So, they are good to have even in dry climates. Dust storms happen here in USA, too.

So how is Squatch Survival gear’s rain cover different. Well for starters in 2024 our rain covers will be double sided. I know, you are like why would y’all do that. We know Squatch Survival Gear packs are big into over engineering stuff but that is ridiculous. Actually, it’s not. Squatchamaniacs are often hiking during hunting season and to keep them safe we will start making the rain cover two sided. The outside a solid color and the inside will be in high visibility orange. This will allow a hiker to be seen by both hunters and rescue crews.  (Side note: we hope you never need to be rescued.)

Stay alert and stay alive out there!

-Team Squatch
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