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MOLLE Car Seat Back Cover (MCSBC)

MOLLE Car Seat Back Cover (MCSBC)

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Berry compliant - Made in the USA

This MOLLE Car Seat Back Cover or the MCSBC is designed specifically to go into the outermost pocket of the Grassman pack.  This product will also fit inside the main compartment of the Kakamora pack. 

This product transfers almost effortlessly from the back of your car seat to the interior of the pack. In the rare case you have to leave the vehicle with just a few quick clips you can move the MSBC from the Car to the pack and from the Pack back to the Car. 

The Grassman pack has 2 loop velcro in the middle outer most pocket for the MSBC

The MSBC has fully customizable MOLLE panel that will except all types of MOLLE attachments even MALICE slips and Rigid TEK LOK MOLLE adaptors. 

This product also works with the MOLLE removable panel for the Grassman

Like our pack this made product is made 100% in the USA.  

Pouches are sold seperately. 

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